There are mainly 2 types of game controller in the market for computer. They are Dinput(Direct input controller) and Xinput controller. Dinput controller are mostly older controller. Xinput controller are mainly Xbox 360 controller. Nowaday, most of the game in the market only accept Xinput controller, making Dinput controller […]

All about Computer Game Controller Dinput VS Xinput

  Introduction to CDC Motorcycle Practical Lesson 8 There will be 2 segments for assessment in lesson 8. The first segment is circuit riding assessment and the second segment will be public road riding assessment. Thus,CDC Motorcycle Practical Lesson 8 is actually a combination of lesson 5 and lesson 7 […]

CDC Motorcycle Practical Lesson 8

  Kodi is formerly known as XBMC (Xbox media center). Kodi is a open source media center which you can install in many of your devices (Android, Window, iOS, Linux and OSX). This app can be used for watching video or movie, playing music and also playing digital media file […]

What is XBMC / Kodi ?

  This post will show you how to apply promotion code in Shopee. To use promo code in shopee, you have to download the app and install it into your handphone. Not sure what Shopee is? It’s a new mobile marketplace where one can buy and sell on mobile easily! […]

How to apply Promotion Code in Shopee

In this post, i will show you how to use lazada promotion code. I also have a list of promotion code which you can use in Lazada after knowing how to use Lazada Promotion Code. Please click here for the list of promo code. As a rule of thumb, you […]

How to use Lazada Promotion Code

  The use of wired connection enables faster and more stable connection as compared to wiressless connection. Thus, i personally used wired connection for my android tv box. However, there are some apps that require wireless connection before you can access the content in the apps. Example of such apps […]

Disguise Wired Connection as Wireless for MiniX

  The firmware update for Minix Android Tv box should be done whenever there is any available update. This is because the update will fix bugs and may add new features.  If you are getting a brand new Minix Android Tv box, you should always check whether there is any […]

How to update Firmware for Minix Neo U1

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  This post will be on how to set up Kodi XBMC (Xbox Media Center) after you have gotten your Android Tv Box. 1. To set up Kodi XBMC, open up Kodi and try to find System option which will be on the right side. After navigating to System, Click […]

How to Set Up Kodi XBMC

  There are many way to transfer files to Android Tv Box. The easiest way is to use a USB thumbdrive.  However, it is quite troublesome as you have to transfer the content from your computer to the USB thumbdrive and then to your Android Tv Box. There is actually […]

Transfer files to Android TV Box