Content of CDC Car Simulator Lessons The 3 compulsory CDC Car Simulator Lessons for class 3/3A costs $26.54 each after GST, irregardless of time. You are only required to bring you Identification Card for the sessions. There is no dress code, but i do suggest that you wear covered shoes. […]

CDC Car Simulator Lessons

Final Theory Test (FTT) needs to be passed before you can go for Practical Traffic Police Driving Test for class 3/3a. FTT test result is validity for 2 years and it cost $6.50 per attempt. Thus, you should try to pass it as soon as possible. The cheapest and fastest […]

Final Theory Test (FTT)

Introduction to CDC Motorbike Practical Lesson 7 One of the members (W E) in CDC telegram group have kindly contributed a video for the test route in CDC Motorbike Practical Lesson 7. Below is the Youtube video for your reference. Innoex from CDC learner community Telegram Group chat has kindly […]

CDC Motorbike Practical Lesson 7

After getting your 2B license and your first motorcycle, you should be looking to get accessories for your motorcycle. There are 3 accessories i considered to be must have for motorcyclist. They are rain coat, handphone holder and battery charger. Rain coat is essential as all motorcyclist is exposed to […]

Must Have Motorcycle Accessories

CDC Motorcycle 2A/2 Lesson 3: Lifting Dummy Bike for Class 2 CDC Motorcycle 2A/2 Lesson 3 will be a mock Traffic Police Test and the test only consists of circuit. There is no public road component for CDC Motorcycle 2A/2 Lesson 3 and Traffic Police Test for class 2A/2. Above […]

CDC Motorcycle 2A/2 Lesson 3

CDC Motorcycle 2A/2 Lesson 1: Slope You will be practising 3 courses in CDC Motorcycle 2A/2 Lesson 1. The first course in CDC Motorcycle 2A/2 Lesson 1 will be the Slope whereby you have to move off from stationary position on the slope without rolling back or stalling engine. There […]

CDC Motorcycle 2A/2 Lesson 1

    To apply for Class 2B PDL (Provisional Driving License) in CDC, you have to complete your circuit orientation (Or Circuit Training Under Practical Lesson) and pass BTT(Basic Theory Test). Next, you have to go to here to apply online for your PDL.   You can log in with […]

Apply for Class 2B PDL

  If you want to test controller input after receiving the controller, you can follow the step below. This can also be used for testing whether the controller is detected by the computer. Go to control panel>hardware and sound> device and printers. You should see a Generic USB Joystick highlighted […]

Test Controller Input

  Steam is a very popular platform for playing most computer game. These games usually require Xbox 360 controller (Xinput Controller) to play. However, if you do not have xbox 360 controller but have a normal USB PC game controller (Dinput Controller), you might still be able to play those […]

Using non Xbox 360 Controller in Steam

About X360CE If you have old controller and want to reuse these old controller to play games that require Xbox 360 controller, then you will need to use X360CE. X360Ce is a third party freeware which convert old controller from Dinput to Xinput. It can also be known as Xbox360 […]

X360CE for Dinput Controller

  There are mainly 2 types of Computer Game Controller in the market. They are Dinput(Direct input controller) and Xinput controller. Dinput controller are mostly older Computer Game Controller. Xinput controller are mainly Xbox 360 controller. Nowaday, most of the game in the market only accept Xinput controller, making Dinput […]

All about Computer Game Controller Dinput VS Xinput

  Motorcycle Insurance If you are intending to get your first motorcycle after you obtained your 2B License, you definitely need to read this post regarding buying of insurance for your motorcycle. This is because insurance must be purchased and effective on the date when you owned the motorcycle. This […]

Motorcycle Insurance Buying Guide

  Introduction to CDC Motorcycle Practical Lesson 8 There will be 2 segments for assessment in lesson 8. The first segment is circuit riding assessment and the second segment will be public road riding assessment. Thus,CDC Motorcycle Practical Lesson 8 is actually a combination of lesson 5 and lesson 7 […]

CDC Motorcycle Practical Lesson 8