Minor Traffic Accident While Riding

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Getting into traffic accident when riding a motorcycle might not be a very common occurrence but an minor traffic accident is inevitable if you ride long enough. However, all riding schools in Singapore do not teach their student what to do during traffic accidents. Thus, i am writing this blogpost to share on what you should be doing during a minor traffic accident.

Check for Injuries after Traffic Accident

The first thing you do in an traffic accident is to check if you have sustained any injury and then move to a safer location to recover physically and mentally. If the injury is serious, you should call an ambulance and police for more assistance. Else, if ambulance is not necessary, take deep breathe and calm yourself down. Traffic police may not be needed for minor traffic accident.


Steps to be Performed after minor Traffic Accident

At this stage, it is pointless to be pointing finger on who caused the traffic accident. Instead, you should be focusing on doing the steps listed below.

1. Exchange contact of all parties involved in the accident. Best to also take photo of IC/License card though it is optionally.
2. Take photo of the accident location from 4 angles. The photo should clearly show the exact location of all vehicles with number plate. Best if the photo can show some landmark or road markings.
3. Take photo of the third party vehicle damaged area. Try to included the number plate of the third party vehicle. Then take a close up photo of the damaged area.
4. If possible, you should get the contact of eye witnesses and get them to give you a written description of the accident in text message or on paper. If not, then can record down verbally what they say using your smartphone.
5. If you have camera recording, then step 3 might not be needed.
6. Move the vehicles to the road side so as not to obstruct traffic.
7. Report the accident to your insurer at their reporting centre within 24 working hours. If you are unsure of the procedures, you can give your insurer a call.


Proportion of Liabilities

It is highly advantageous if you have a recording of the traffic accident. As the traffic accident usually happens very fast, you might not be able to remember many details. The recording of the traffic accident will help greatly in establishing the liabilities of each parties involved. In Singapore, liabilities are assigned to each party in term of percentage.

If you bump into the rear of other vehicle, it is likely that you will be assigned a huge liabilities (80% – 100%). Side to side normally is 50% liabilities to each party involved. I highly recommend that you do not discuss about the liabilities of the traffic accident on the spot as you might made the wrong decision due to the shock of the accident. The recommended advice is to view the recording and take at least a day to carefully consider this. You can use this website to estimate your liability in the accident.


Private Settlement or Insurance Claim??

If you think you might be assigned huge liabilities after viewing the video, it is best if you negotiate for a private settlement. For class 2b motorcycle, if private settlement cost more than $300 – $400, you should ask the third party to claim your insurance instead. For car, if private settlement is less than $700 – $800, I would suggest that you just pay the amount and settle privately. After paying the money, both the third party and you should have a written signed agreement that there will no more claim from each other. You should also state the amount of money paid without any admission of fault. If both party are unable to agree on the amount, then both party will have to proceed to third party insurance claim.


Medical Fee

If you have sustained injuries during the traffic accident, please go see a doctor. This is because only a doctor can officially certify that you are injured. If you are worried about the cost, you might consider going to polyclinic where the cost will be affordable as it is subsidies if you are citizen.

Do note that if 3 days or more sick leave are given, a police report have to be made. Thus, if you think the other party might not want to report the case to their insurer or hit and run case, you might want to get 3 days MC so that the other party will be forced to report their case as police will be involved.


Cost of Repair

The cost of repair will be significantly increased when insurance is involved. For example, if insurance is involved, the bumper will be replaced with a new one even if the damage is just a small dent. The replacement of new bumper will cost in the 2k – 10k especially if the bumper have electronic sensor. Furthermore, the loss of use of car will be around $80 – $120 per day. Especially if the third party involved is private hire car or taxi, there will be loss of income, medical fee and lawyer fee for drafting the letter of demand. All of this add up 8k – 10k++ for a minor accident. So better pray hard that you do not hit any taxi or private hire car in the back.

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