Get Driving License Fast in CDC 2022

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Get Driving License Fast in CDC 2022 can be done in 2 – 2.5 months for normal learner and less than 1 month for revokee. The common belief is that taking lesson from private driving instructor will be the fastest. However, in 2022 which is affected by covid measures, this is no longer true.

For slow / normal / fast learner

For slow/normal/fast learner, Ubi common pool will be the fastest route to get driving license fast in CDC 2022 within 2 – 2.5 months. This is because Ubi common pool learner can almost get lesson daily and is only limited by the 10 lessons quota per month. Earlier simulator slot can also be found easily for school learner if you keep checking for earlier simulator slot.

However, for private learner, you might be able to get lesson fast enough so that you are ready to book Traffic police test. But the waiting time for private simulator slot is 4 – 5 months. Furthermore, there is much lesser simulator slot allocated to private learner as there are much more school learner than private learner. As a result, it is much harder to get earlier simulator slot. As all private learner know that the waiting time is long, most are not willing to cancel their slot, leading to earlier simulator slot being scarce and very hard to find.

Please note that School learner simulator slot and Private learner simulator slot are not available in the same platform though the content of the simulator are similar. This means that school learner can only book school simulator slot and private learner also have their own pool of private simulator slot.

For revokee/Foreign Driver

Both revokee and foreign driver who need to take traffic police test to get qualified license should just only consider CDC express course in Ubi. Common pool should be selected as it is easier to find slot. After attending 5 – 8 practical lessons, Traffic police test can be booked after 2 weeks. Furthermore, earlier school simulator lesson can be found easily. It is entirely possible to get license within 1 month for those in CDC express course. There is simply find no reason why revokee and foreign driver should pick private driving instructor instead of CDC express course. This is due to the long 4 – 5 months waiting time for private simulator slot and it is also much harder to find earlier private simulator slot.


Due to the introduction of simulator lessons and covid measures in 2022, learning from private driving instructor is no longer the fastest way. The most likely way to get driving license fast in CDC 2022 is via the school Ubi common pool route as it is easier to get lesson fast and earlier simulator slot. Private learner is likely to be blocked by the long waiting time for the 3 simulator lessons. So if you want to get driving license fast in CDC 2022, you should choose CDC Ubi Common pool.


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