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CDC vs SSDC vs BBDC Motorcycle lesson in Singapore

There are 3 motorcycle riding centres in Singapore where you can take Motorcycle lesson in Singapore. They are CDC (ComfortDelgro Driving Centre), SSDC (Singapore Safety Driving Centre) and BBDC (Bukit Batok Driving Centre). While you choose to enroll in any of the 3 schools, knowing the differences in the 3 schools will enable to find the motorcycle school that is most suitable for you. This post will help you to decide which motorcycle school will be most suitable for you.


The most important factor in selecting where to take Motorcycle lesson in Singapore is the location of the school. As you will be going to the riding school often, you will not want to enroll in a school that is very far from your workplace or home. The location of CDC is the most accessible among the 3 schools. Most of the learner will most likely to choose based on location alone.

Training Facilities

The facilities of the school is another deciding factor. Both CDC and BBDC have outdoor circuit whereby learner will be exposed to the elements of the weather. If it is raining heavily or extremely hot, learner will still have to continue with the outdoor lesson or Traffic Police Test. The road is more slippery when it is raining. This makes it slightly more dangerous to practice riding as you will be more prone to skidding. Though learner can opt to stop temporarily, it will eat into the lesson time, resulting in lesser time to learn. CDC training circuit is also quite congested with L plate car. Thus, for all CDC lesson, there is only 3 – 5 tries per course due to time constraint and congested circuit.

On the other hand, SSDC has multiple storey circuit which is sheltered. This is good news for all learner as they can train safely under shelter. There is no need to worry about heavy rain during normal lesson or traffic police test. Furthermore, SSDC learner will be able to have many more attempts on each of the courses than CDC. Thus, SSDC should have the best training facilities.

Number of Minimum Practical Lesson Required

I believe CDC and SSDC have a minimum of 7 – 8 lessons before you can apply for traffic police practical test. This is assuming that you can pass all lessons in one attempt. However, learner in BBDC may have to take more than a minimum of 10 lessons before they can book the traffic police practical test. This information will be more useful for revoked license rider who want to retake their license again.

Test Date

Different school will also have different test date for traffic police theory and practical test. This is dependent on the number of learner in each school. If there is alot more learner in one school as compared to the other school, you can expect longer waiting period. Thus, it is possible for one school to have a waiting period of 6 weeks while another school has a waiting period of 3 week. The test date can be checked from each school website. For your convenience, I have posted a blog post which contains consolidated test dates from all 3 schools so that you can make comparison easier.

Passing Rate

The offical passing rate for each school can be obtained from Traffic Police Website. Data provided in the website are based on past one year and is updated every month. There will be passing rate provided for 1st timer and learner who retake the test. Do check out the passing rate so that you can gauge the quality of the instructors and lessons.

Traffic Police Public Road test route

CDC have the most challenging Traffic Police Public Road Test route as the test route is filled with vehicles during the morning rush hour. I do believe that the traffic condition of the test route for the other 2 schools will be lighter as compared to the heavy traffic faced by CDC rider.

Best Riding School?

If location is not a factor for your decision, i will choose SSDC to be the ideal school to take your Motorcycle lesson in Singapore. This is because of sheltered circuit which provide a safe and comfortable learning environment for all rider. Furthermore, each rider can attempt the course many times during each of the lesson. This makes SSDC the ideal school for learning motorcycle. However, if you still decided to take your motorcycle lesson at CDC due to proximity, you can visit my blog post to learn more information on each of the motorcycle lesson. For your information, i obtained my class 2b and 2a license in CDC.


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