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Introduction for Motorcycle Class 2B Traffic Police Test

The Motorcycle Class 2B Traffic Police Test consists of 3 parts. The first part is the optional warm up, the second part is the compulsory actual test in the circuit and the last part is the public road component. Please remember to bring your Identity card (IC) and your Provisional Driving License (PDL). You will also need to bring your gloves, elbow and knee guards. If you intend to go for the optional warm up, you need to reach CDC at 7.15am. Else, you have to reach by 7.45am for the actual Traffic Police test. The whole actual test should be completed by 1pm. For those who fail in the circuit, you will be dismissed by 11pm. If you would like to know the passing rate of CDC, you can check out the traffic police website or my blogspot for more information. The data are gathered based on past one year.

Please also note that earlier test might appear after you have booked your test. However you will not be able to cancel your test and rebook the earlier date. Nevertheless, it is not wise to wait a while before booking the test so that you can get an earlier test date. This is because you might end up with a even longer test date. Unless you have a very good reason, it is possible for you to appeal for earlier test date.

Bike Reservation

It is now possible to reserve your favourite bike for your Traffic police test. To do so, you have to inform instructor on reserving the motorcycle and it cost around ~$11 which is payable after you finished testing the bike on the first warmup round before your Traffic Police test. You can either reserve the bike before Traffic police so that the instructor can reserve the bike for you to test in warmup round or you can reserve the bike that you rode during the warmup round. If you are satisfied with the bike after warmup round, you can proceed to make payment. Else, you can choose not to proceed with the reserved bike and no payment is needed. In this case, you will be assigned a random bike.

Warm Up Round for Motorcycle Class 2B Traffic Police Test

The warm up is optional but highly recommended for you to take. But since it is already paid when you booked the Motorcycle Class 2B Traffic Police Test, you should try to attend it. All rider should be at least able to complete one round of all the stations in the circuit. IF there is extra time, you might be able to go for another round. The warm up round should end at around 7.45am and you will likely have to wait until 8.30am for the actual traffic police test to start.

Actual Motorcycle Class 2B Traffic Police Test

At around 8.30am, the traffic police tester will start to come down. There should be around 10 testers. 5 testers will be in the circuit and 5 testers will be outside in the public road. The number on number tag are sorted based on the rider Identity card Number. This means that foreigner will be first followed by the oldest rider in the group. If you are 18 or 19, then you will likely to be the last.

If your tag number is 1 – 10, you should be able to choose any bike as this group of rider will be the first batch to take the test. Tag number 11 – 20 should be able to choose the remaining bikes. Those with tag number 21 and above will not likely to be able to choose the bike and will have to take any bike. Hence, those with small number will have some slightly higher chance to pass as they can choose their bike.

If you are the first 20, you should go over to the bike pool to scout for the location of your favourite bikes during the break. This way, you will be able to go and secure the bike immediately when you are called upon to take the test. Upon securing the bike, please check that the headlight is on, left & right signal light and front & rear brake light are working before mounting the bike.


The procedures are the same as lesson 8. There will be lesser vehicles in the circuit and you should be able to complete all stations quickly and easily. As there are many riders and only 5 testers in the circuit, the 5 testers might not be able to catch all your mistake in circuit. Thus, if you have committed any mistakes while not doing any of the courses, just pretend nothing has happened and pray that the testers did not notice it. Most of the time, the tester will not notice it because the test is focusing his attention on the rider that is doing his station. However, if you commit any error while doing your courses

Most importantly, do not let that mistake affect your test. After completing E-brake, you can head straight to the public road. You will need to head back to the nursery like lesson 5 and 8. Only those with enough points and no immediate failure in the circuit will be allowed to proceed the public road. The circuit session should end at around 10+am

Public Road

The public road procedure is the same as lesson 7. However, the public road outside CDC will be very busy and filled with cars as it is the rush hour in the morning from 9am to 11am. Those car are impatient and will try to cut you if you are slow. The important thing is to just give way to them. The tester will not care if the outside car is at fault. If you caused them to take evasive action or brake, then you will be heavily penalized. I highly recommend that you book a road revision at 8.30am time slot to get a feel on the traffic condition. Else, you might not know what to expect on the test day.

Do take note that there will be testers observing riders at all traffic light and turning points. Thus, when you are approaching traffic lights or a turn, you have to be very careful not be make any mistake as the tester will watch all rider like a hawk for any mistake. Remember that the test does not end until you have placed the bike on main stand at the bike nursery. Do not relax before the test ends.

Release of Result

After placing the bike on main stand at the bike nursery, you have completed the Motorcycle Class 2B Traffic Police Test. You will be instructed to a room at level 3 to wait for the tester to consolidated all test score. The wait will be around 45min to 1 hour.

Number that are being called out means that those rider with the number have failed the Motorcycle Class 2B Traffic Police Test. Usually the result will be released in batch of 5. That mean if 3 and 4 is being called out, you can be fairly sure that 1, 2 and 5 have passed the traffic police test. Another point to note is that the batch do not come in sequential order. Hence, after releasing batch 1 – 5 result, it is possible that the next batch can be for those number from 16 – 20. However, it is possible that no number is called from one batch because all rider in that batch has passed the test. If you are in this batch, there is no way to tell if you have passed or failed until the very end.

So just pray hard and hope that your number is not being called out. When all the result had been released, the instructor will start to do a roll call for those who are still remaining in the room. After that, you will be watching a video before reciting a rider pledge.

After the pledge, the instructor will start to update the system one by one via scanning IC number so that those who have passed can proceed to take the Expressway Familiarisation Course. The order will be the same as per the Traffic Police test. As there are limited slot, you should try to book for the course as soon as your IC number is being scanned. IF you are among the last to be scanned, then you might have to come back another day to complete the course.

Remember that you can only get your license upon completion of Expressway Familiarisation Course. If you did not complete the course, you are only deemed to have passed the traffic road test. Without any license, you cannot ride any motorcycle legally.

Rebooking of Motorcycle Class 2B Traffic Police Test (For Those who need to Retake)

If your number has being called out, please find out all your mistake from the tester and proceed straight to CDC counter to book for retraining and Motorcycle Class 2B Traffic Police Test again. Do note that you can only book at retraining at CDC counter as the system have not being updated yet. Another thing to note is that you can only book for traffic police test only after you have booked for retraining. Attendance for retraining is not compulsory but highly recommended. The lesson content of Retraining is similar to your road revision.

Pls do try to complete all your theory lessons and tests as soon as possible to prevent any bottlenecking. Both theory and practical lesson can be cleared at the same time. Some learners progress were impeded as they are unable to book their next practical lesson due to not clearing their theory lessons and tests fast enough. Do visit this post to learn more about other CDC practical lessons.

As i am no longer learning in CDC, i might not be able to give the most updated information. Thus, i am forming a telegram group so that i can create a learner community to engage all CDC motorcycle learner whereby you all can share your learning experience and learn from each other. Do join the Telegram group by clicking here. The link is

Telegram is chosen instead of whatapp because it allows user to create username and hide your handphone number. Do consider to install telegram from google app store.


If you have any question or thing that you do not understand, you can contact via telegram or email. For faster response, please contact me via telegram or whatsapp. The QR code is the link to contact me via telegram. Telegram is messaging app for smartphone similar to whatapp.

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18 thoughts on “Motorcycle Class 2B Traffic Police Test

  • James

    Hi Arcane

    May I know what is the Purpose of Re-Training?
    Why don’t we charge $39 for one session of circuit revision? If it’s really just a circuit revision, why is it charging more than 2x the price of a revision?
    And if it’s just revision, it seems to imply there is no coaching by any instructor to explain how you can improve your mistakes.

    The TP results did not really explain what exactly riders did was wrong. For example, if WOBBLE , how did the rider wobbled? There is no video recording to show what actually went wrong or was the candidate wrongly penalised.

    If we do not know exactly what was done wrongly and how we can fix the problem, how can we expect to pass the next test and why is it during assessments and revisions I was NEVER told I had wobbling issues?

    If the standard of the instructors differ from the TP, the learners will keep failing without really knowing why . If we ask the TP, they seem to give possible reasons for why we wobble but not specifically what we did that was judged as wobbling.

    This school is and the learning experience has been a NIGHTMARE. I am stuck with the school having paid thousands and unable to pass and instructors are not impressive nor satisfactory.

    To avoid wasting my money spent I have to keep trying. It’s HELL ON EARTH!

    • arcane Post author

      I do not know the purpose. If you want to retake the traffic police test, just book the re-training and traffic police test. The alternative solution is to pass the traffic police at first try. If video recording is implemented, the traffic police test will be very hard because every mistake you make will be recorded and deducted point. Are you sure you really want video recording for Traffic police test?

      Be more proactive and open your mouth to ask the instructor. If you are just passive, the instructor will not know. If you are expecting premium learning experience, CDC is not the right place for such experience.

      By the way, this blog is not owned by CDC. If you have any feedback, you should give the feedback to CDC. This will be more constructive as CDC does not monitor this blog.

  • Siti

    Hi Arcane ,
    I failed my TP 🙁

    I wonder why a retraining booking costs so much? About $39. Some say there is no instructor provided for this lesson. It’s just a normal revision. But normal revision costs much less. And why they only have retraining a week before the next tp? If I find out my issue only a week before, where got time to improve?

    Also, wonder what is the effect of the ZERO COE GROWTH policy have on the passing rate which at best is still appealing?

    Search Google for Zero Growth COE Singapore.

    • Statistics Is more than meet eyes

      The Passing rate is not so straight forward.
      Let me explain.

      1. There are max 50 test takers.
      2. Each test has 30-50% FAILURE RATE.
      3. A passing rate of say , on average , 60% is not an indication that 60% FIRST TIME TEST TAKERS pass.
      The 50 test takers consists of REPEATERS from the 30-50% who failed.
      4. If out of 50, 5 are repeaters, this means 10% of the 50 are repeaters. This means only 50% VIRGIN TEst TAKERS passed in one try.

      So, you tell me, how high is the passing rate?

      • arcane Post author

        Please just FOCUS on improving your skill so that you can pass TP rather than researching on the passing rate as this is of no use to you in passing the TP. You are not a researcher. REMEMBER THAT YOUR MAIN AIM IS TO PASS TP. If your skill is good, you will pass. Else, just do more revisions. If you are lazy, then you will have just to continue to retake TP. That is all you need to know.

    • arcane Post author

      the retraining should be a road revision and road revision is more expensive than normal revision. If your retraining is one week before TP, then you should be proactive and book circuit revision or road revision in advance so that you can find out your problem. Please just FOCUS on improving your skill so that you can pass TP rather than researching on the passing rate as this is of no use to you in passing the TP. You are not a researcher. REMEMBER THAT YOUR MAIN AIM IS TO PASS TP.

      • Hidhir

        As what instructors told me wobble is base on your handle bar turning right left and right again they deem that as wobble if its right left than centre than its not counted as wobbling.. Do ask instructors on tips like cutting off point in case cars don’t give way to you and how they define or judge your mistakes like wobbling, abrupt lane changing and improper blind checks

      • Aidil

        I missed to attend the EFR, now it says all slots are fully booked till 28 Feb 2019? How do i know when will there be more slots

        • arcane Post author

          The new slot should open up every wednesday when the TP result is being released. Do check out every wednesday in the web portal and you should have a chance to book an earlier EFR.

          • arcane Post author

            if you just failed, then you have to book at counter. Else, have to wait a few days for the system to update. Then you can book retraining

          • didi

            so basically we have to wait for few days to book for the re-training…And to book retraining, its under the practical lesson right?

  • Chua

    Hi , I’m not sure if you get to see this. But just wanted to say a big thank you for writing this. I’ve been following your sharing along my 2B journey and finally got my license. Thanks again for all the break down class info, I’m sure it has helped not just only me but many others who have benefited from it as well. Wishing you a great week ahead. God Bless & Thanks again 🙂