CDC Motorcycle 2A/2 Lesson 3

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CDC Motorcycle 2A/2 Lesson 3: Lifting Dummy Bike for Class 2

CDC Motorcycle 2A/2 Lesson 3 will be a mock Traffic Police Test and the test only consists of circuit. There is no public road component for CDC Motorcycle 2A/2 Lesson 3 and Traffic Police Test for class 2A/2. Above will the test route for CDC Motorcycle 2A/2 Lesson 3. For class 2 learner, you will need to bring the dummy motorcycle slowly to the ground and then releasing both hands to show that the motorcycle is completely on the ground. After that, you will have to lift the motorcycle up and place it on fixed stand. One tip given by the instructor is to turn the handle bar completely to the right so that the motorcycle can hit the ground faster. However, if you have enough strength, then you can do it in whatever you feel comfortable. For those lacking in strength, i suggest you train up your arm and leg muscle so that you have sufficient strength to lift up the motorcycle. After lifting up the motorcycle, class 2 learner will have to move the motorcycle in figure of 8.

Warm Up Round

Lesson 3 will start off with 1 warm up round in the circuit so that you can test your bike. If there is any problem with your bike when going through the warm up round, then you can request for a change of bike.  After the warm up round, you will be attending the pretest briefing whereby instructor will give a briefing on the test route and the blindspot to check on the test route. By now, you should have memorized them, else good luck. One useful tip before you head off to the actual test is to use the arrow on the road as a reminder for you to either check blindspot or turn on signal. This way, you will not forget to check most of the blindspot or signaling.

Actual CDC Motorcycle 2A/2 Lesson 3 Test

Next will be the circuit. Do note that test route for class 2a/2 will be different from the test route used by Class 2b. You will start off at the start line and you should already be arranged in the order of your number tag starting with the smallest number. Remember to on your left signal as you will be turning left. If there are another rider beside you at the starting point, look at the number tag to decide which rider proceed. The rider with the smaller number tag will proceed first. Only proceed when the instructor opposite of you give a hand signal. Else, you will get immediate failure if you proceed without instruction.

Once hand signal given to proceed, Check back right slightly longer to check for any vehicles turning left from the figure of 8 and then blindspot left. When clear, throttle up and then change to gear two. Signal right and then check mirror. When you are reaching the third dotted line, then proceed to change lane to the right lane. Do make sure that you are moving in diagonal manner when changing lane. Else, it will be considered as abrupt lane change. If you did not practice this part well, you will end up with lot of demerits point (wobbling, poor acceleration and abrupt lane change) even before you start any of the courses.

Form up two rows (left, right, left right) at the T junction. You will be inching forward often at this point so remember to check back right if you are moving off from stationary position. This is important. If you are inching forward 10 times, you have to check back right 10 times.

There is a stop line at the T junction so you must stop before the stop line. Even if there is a small distance between your bike and the stop line, you also must stop at the stop line. Failure to do so will result in immediate failure. After stopping at the stop line, check back right and inch out slightly with your left foot on the stop line.

When the traffic is clear, proceed to turn right, change to gear 2 and then cancel right signal. Then signal left and proceed to change to left lane. Remember to cancel left signal after change to left lane. There is an arrow before the plank. Remember to check right blindspot when you are on the arrow as there is a right bend ahead.

Continue to move straight and remember to check blindspot right when you riding pass the end point of the Pylon Slalom course as there is a right bend ahead.

After the right bend, you will have to turn right signal on and be prepared to turn right. You have to align yourself more on the right side of the lane. Do remember that you must give way to the oncoming car that are going straight or turning left. After you turning right, you have to form up 1 row as there is a multi arrow in front. When the traffic light turns green, you can move into the yellow box if there is no vehicle in the box. Please ensure that the vehicle in the yellow box has moved off completely before you move out from the stop line into the yellow box. Else, remain behind the stop line if there is any vehicle in the yellow box.


Ensure that there is no car turning left/right and moving straight before you turn right. After that, turn on left signal and prepared to turn left before the second broken line. If you turn left after the second broken line, it will be immediate failure. Please also head to the right slope for class 2/2a

Remember at most 2 riders before the stop line and 2 riders at the bottom of the slope waiting. Complete your slope as per lesson 3 and stop before the line. Do not inch out.

When clear, proceed to turn left. There is an arrow on the ground before the bend. When your bike is in the middle of the arrow, blindspot left as there is a bend ahead. Remember, there is only one arrow head. If you stop here, the bike formation is 2 rows. You will then see a zebra crossing ahead. Do slow down and prepare to stop if there is someone waiting to cross the road. Bike formation is also 2 rows here. After passing the zebra crossing, signal left. There is multiple arrow head before the left turn. So whenever, you see arrow on the ground, remember to blindspot left when your bike is in the middle of the arrow.

Figure 8 & Crank Course

You now see the figure of 8 course in front. The queue will be one row before the yellow box and two rows after yellow box. Wait for blinker light before proceeding. Complete your figure of 8 course as per lesson 3 and then crank course. Just before you exit from the crank course, please check your far right side to see if there is any bike or car turning left to enter the figure of 8. If there is any left turning car or bike, you have to stop after the line to give way to them. You also have to check if there is any right turning car exiting the car crank course directly opposite of the bike crank course. Then check back right and blindspot left before you move off after giving way.

If there is a queue for the figure of 8 that extend beyond the yellow box, then you will have to signal right once your front wheel touches the yellow box. Then you have to check your right mirror before checking your right blindspot. After that signal left, check left mirror and then left blindspot before changing to your left lane.

There will be a traffic light in front. If the light is green, you need to check blindspot left when you are at the multihead arrow before turning left. If the traffic light is red and you are the first rider, then you have to check back right and blindspot left before you proceed when the traffic light turns green. After that, you need to cancel signal and remain in the left lane for a while before signaling right to change to right lane. Do not change straight to the right lane when you are turning left.

Plank & Pylon Slalom Course

Form up 2 rows again at the T junction. Remember stop line must stop. When the traffic is clear, proceed to turn right, change to gear 2 and then cancel right signal. Then signal left and proceed to change to left lane. There is an arrow on the road before the plank course. This arrow indicated that you need to signal left before you reach the arrow. When your bike is completely within the arrow on the ground, you need to check your left blindspot before you filter left into the plank course.

After entering the plank course, remember to cancel the signal. Wait for blinker light before proceeding to complete your plank course. Complete plank course as per lesson 1. After completing plank, proceed to do pylon slalom as per lesson 1.

E-brake & Bumpy Course

After exiting from Pylon Slalom Course, you may have to change lane to the right lane as there is usually car blocking the way to the E-brake course. Remember to signal right and then check blindspot right before change lane right. After passing the car, proceed to switch back to the left lane so that you can proceed to complete your E-brake. Wait for the blinker light before proceeding.

After E-brake, you have to turn off right signal light and adapt half standing position for bumpy course. After completing the bumpy course, you have to turn on the right signal. Be careful not to cross the double white line. There is an arrow ahead after the give way line just before the bend. Remember to check your right blindspot when you are in the arrow. Do not relax yet as the test is not finished even though the last course is completed. You still have to ride back to the bike nursery area to complete the whole test. Follow the route given and the test will only be completed once you parked the bike and placed it on sidestand if there is no mainstand.

Result for CDC Motorcycle 2A/2 Lesson 3

You will then head back to the waiting area while returning your number tag and removing your guards. There will be some waiting time as the instructor consolidate the results from various stations. You will be called by your number tag individually and be given the result slip. If you have failed, remember not to just leave. This is because you can ask the instructor on where did you committed the error so that you can avoid the same mistake next time.

Pls do try to complete all your theory lessons and tests as soon as possible to prevent any bottlenecking. Both theory and practical lesson can be cleared at the same time. Some learners progress were impeded as they are unable to book their next practical lesson due to not clearing their theory lessons and tests fast enough. Do visit this post to learn more about other CDC practical lessons.

As i am no longer learning in CDC, i might not be able to give the most updated information. Thus, i am forming a telegram group so that i can create a learner community to engage all CDC motorcycle learner whereby you all can share your learning experience and learn from each other. Do join the Telegram group by clicking here. The link is

Telegram is chosen instead of whatapp because it allows user to create username and hide your handphone number. Do consider to install telegram from google app store.



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