Motorcycle Insurance Buying Guide

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Motorcycle Insurance

If you are intending to get your first motorcycle after you obtained your 2B License, you definitely need to read this post regarding buying of insurance for your motorcycle. This is because insurance must be purchased and effective on the date when you owned the motorcycle. This post will help you to select the most suitable motorcycle insurance for you.


Motorcycle Insurance : Comprehensive Coverage

There are 3 kinds of motorcycle insurance available in Singapore market. The first insurance plan is Comprehensive coverage. The most expensive insurance plan is the Comprehensive coverage as this plan covers all your motorcycle repair cost and third party claim in any accident. Fire and theft of your motorcycle is also covered for this plan. Do take note that your motorcycle value is estimated by the OMV. This means that you will be compensated only the amount stated in your OMV of your motorcycle and not the amount you paid for your motorcycle.


3rd Third party, Fire and THeft Coverage

The second insurance plan covered all third party, Fire and Theft of your motorcycle. This plan is similar to the Comprehensive plan except that it does not cover your motorcycle repair cost in an accident. That means you have to pay for your own motorcycle repair if there is any accident. Thus, it is also cheaper than comprehensive plan


3rd Party Coverage

The last motorcycle insurance plan is the no frill third party coverage. It is the cheapest plan and covered only third party claim in any accident. Third party claim refers to claims made by other motorists damages on their vechicles during an accident.



My general suggestion for getting class 2B motorcycle insurance is to get only the third party coverage plan which is the cheapest among the 3 different plans. This is especially if you are buying second hand motorcycle. This is because class 2B Motorcycle are generally inexpensive to repair as compared to the premium paid for the comprehensive plan. Secondly, class 2B motorcycle usually do not have high OMV. Compensation for motorcycle is only based on OMV of your class 2B motorcycle. Theft and fire is extremely rare in Singapore also.

However, if you are getting first hand expensive class 2B motorcycle, only then you should consider getting comprehensive plan. If you are heading to Malaysia frequently, then you can consider getting the fire and theft plan if the comprehensive plan is too expensive. Do compare your OMV of your motorcycle with the premium that you are paying to see if it is worth getting the plan. Else, just get the cheapest third party claim insurance plan.

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