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You might encounter some problem with your account when you are car/motorcycle/private learner in CDC. In this case, you might need to know how to contact CDC for help regarding account related stuff which only CDC staff can help. In this blogpost, i will be writing on how you can contact CDC for help. Otherwise, you might want to check the official FAQ by CDC

3 Ways to contact CDC

To contact CDC, please go to cdc website under Find Us in the header. There are mainly 3 ways to contact CDC. The first way is via enquiry which will be available in the website 24/7. This is basically a form for you to write in regarding your problem. This is for non urgent request.

The second and third ways are hotline and live chat whereby you can call/live chat CDC for immediate help. The hotline might be busy most of the time. Thus, you might want to use live chat instead. However, you need to scroll all the way down to get the operating hour of hotline/live chat which is at the bottom of “Find Us” webpage. Please note that the option for hotline/Live chat will only appear in the website when it is within the operating hour of the hotline.

Some example of when you need contact CDC

If you are having problem booking lesson, you might want to consider contacting CDC for help via enquiry so that the instructor might be able to book lesson for you. Please ensure that your CDC learner account has sufficient fund inside and do specify the range of timing and date preferred.

If you are having problem accessing your account or there are missing lesson option due to some error, then you have to contact them using the above 3 methods. Only CDC staff can help you on this. For this case, you should use the hotline/Live chat option.


If you have any question or thing that you do not understand, you can contact via telegram or email. For faster response, please contact me via telegram or whatsapp. The QR code is the link to contact me via telegram. Telegram is messaging app for smartphone similar to whatapp.

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If you like the content, Please share it with your Friends! Your Support Is greatly appreciated!

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