All about Computer Game Controller Dinput VS Xinput

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There are mainly 2 types of Computer Game Controller in the market. They are Dinput(Direct input controller) and Xinput controller. Dinput controller are mostly older Computer Game Controller. Xinput controller are mainly Xbox 360 controller. Nowaday, most of the game in the market only accept Xinput controller, making Dinput controller obsolete.


With the knowledge of this 2 types of Computer Game Controller, you will be able to find the correct Computer Game Controller to use for your computer game. Nowaday, most game in the market only accepts Xinput controller. Though there are some games that can accept both Dinput and Xinput controller, these type of games are not very common. These type of games are usually sport genre game (Fifa, Winning Eleven, NBA).


The most common Xinput controller in the market is Xbox 360 controller and XboxOne Controller. The Xbox 360 Controller comes in wired and wireless version. For the wired version, you can simply plug it into the computer and you can immediately enjoy playing your game. However, it is more troublesome for the wireless Xbox 360 controller. You will need to get a wireless receiver so that you can connect the wireless controller to your computer. This is the only way. Connecting the wireless Xbox 360 controller using USB cable to the computer will onlycharge up the battery inside. There are also controllers which can toggle between Xinput and Dinput1. However, most of the time, you will be using Xinput as most game accept Xinput controller. If you are interested in Xinput controller, you can get the controller from my online store.


Since Xinput controller are the only controller accepted for most game, why should you bother with Dinput controller? One reason is Dinput controller are cheaper than Xinput controller. You might even owned some Dinput controllers. Dinput controller included Playstation 1, 2, 3 and 4 controller and cheap USB controller. With the right third party software, you can convert Dinput controller into Xinput controller. As a result, you can save money and reuse your old controller as computer controller. This type of controller can also be used for emulator whereby you can play old game on obsolete platforms (Sega Genesis, Old Arcade Game, SNES, Gameboy). If you are interested in Dinput controller, you can get the controller from my online store.

Xinput controller is great for those who does not want to deal with the hassle of setting up those third party software in order to play those computer games. While there are other cheaper kind of controller available in the market that can be used for playing computer game, these controllers normally require third party software to emulate the function of Xbox 360 controller. Sometime, these third party software can be complex. Thus, you may have to spend time to learn how to do the setting correctly before you can get the controller to function as a Xbox 360 controller.


However, If you have Dinput controller or intend to get one for playing computer games, you might want to read this blog post which will introduce you a free third party software that will convert your Dinput controller into Xinput controller. The wonderful thing about this free software is that no installation is required. Do visit this blog post for more information.


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If you like the content, Please share it with your Friends! Your Support Is greatly appreciated!

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