Must Have Motorcycle Accessories

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After getting your 2B license and your first motorcycle, you should be looking to get accessories for your motorcycle. There are 3 accessories i considered to be must have for motorcyclist. They are rain coat, handphone holder and battery charger.

Rain coat is essential as all motorcyclist is exposed to the elements of the weather. Without rain coat, you will not be able to ride properly in a rain. When the rain get too heavy, riding of motorcycle is strong discourage because visibility will be poor and the braking power of your motorcycle will be greatly reduced. This will significantly increase the chance of accident.

Another must have accessory is handphone holder for your motorcycle. The handphone holder is important because it can be used as a GPS navigator. Thus, with a handphone holder, you can view the map in your handphone while riding. As most smartphone ar expensive, it is very important to get a durable handphone holder so that it can hold your smartphone securely and tightly. I am currently selling a full metallic build handphone holder. Compare to most of the handphone in the market which has plastic part, the full metallic build handphone holder will be much more durable. I sell the handphone holder in carousell and qoo10. Do click on the link if you are interested in getting them.


The battery charger is also another essential motorcycle accessories. The lead acid battery used in most motorcycle will discharge over time. Moreover, the IU card reader will drain the battery power as it is powered on all the time. Thus, if you are on holiday for 1 to 2 weeks, your motorcycle may not be able to power up as the battery is being drained. As a result, you may have to fork out $30 to tow your motorcycle to workshop to recharge the battery. Another alternative is to buy a new battery. The best solution is to get a battery charger so that you can charge the battery yourself and save yourself the trouble and money of getting your motorcycle towed to workshop or buying another new battery.

The battery charger is also especially helpful for those with multiple motorcycles. As only one motorcycle can be ridden at one time, the rest will be idle with the battery being drained over time. If you have extra battery, you will need to recharge the battery at regular interval to prevent the battery being drained out. If the battery voltage drops below a certain voltage, then the battery cannot be used. To prevent this, do consider getting a battery charger as it is a very useful accessory for your biking need. I sell the battery charger on carousell and qoo10. Do click on the link if you are interested in getting the charger.


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If you like the content, Please share it with your Friends! Your Support Is greatly appreciated!

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