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If you have just obtained your motorcycle license or already riding on the road, please read this article. These are the things I deemed most important to have when you have decided to buy a motorcycle and start riding. Below are the Items for New Motorcycle Rider. As a motorcycle rider, we are the most vulnerable to physical injury in a traffic accident. Hospitalization fee are normally in the range of thousands when admitted into a hospital. You surely will not like to face the huge bill shock after waking up in the hospital.

#1: Hospitalization Insurance

Thus, the number #1 most important thing that all rider must have is the hospitalization insurance plan. It is very important to get the integrated shield plan from the private insurer so that your hospitalization fee is covered in case of any accidents which required admission to hospital. The hospitalization insurance will surely be worth buying for all motorcycle rider.It will be good if you can get the rider so that almost all of your hospitalization fee will be covered. In this case, you can get the best treatment without worrying about the cost. Doing so is also being responsible for your loved one so that they will not shoulder the huge medical fee.

#2: Personal Accident insurance

The second most important thing to have is a Personal Accident insurance Plan. For most traffic accident, injured sustained might not be serious enough to be admitted to hospital but they can still cost in the range of hundreds to low thousands. In this case, the personal accident insurance plan can be useful to protect you financially in non serious traffic accident. I feel it is optional to have this but it will be good if you have this so that you can focus on getting better without worrying about the cost. However, if you are employee and your medical fee is covered by your company, then there is no need for you to get this insurance.

#3: Motorcycle Camera

The third most important is to have camera mounted on your motorcycle. Most of the car have a camera installed but most motorcycle do not have one installed. However, in an accident, the motorcycle rider will likely suffer the most. Therefore, it is important to install camera on your motorcycle too. A camera cost you around $80 – $150 and installation of the camera should be around $50 – $90. For a one time fee of $130 – $240, you can be protected from the liability arising from traffic accident.

Claim from traffic accident are minimally in the range of thousands even for a very small dent on the bumper. This is because damaged part of the vehicles are often replaced instead of being patched up. Thus, a small dent on the bump will result in a cost of a new bumper which can cost minimum $2,000 and above. For those car with electronic sensor in bumper, the bumper can cost up to 10k. There will also be medical claim and lawyer fee which are usually in thousands range. Thus, the total claim can range from a few thousands to 5 digits sum even for a minor traffic accident resulting in a small dent in the bumper. Therefore, it is very important to get the camera to serve as evidence and protect your liabilities in a traffic accident. It also help to curb inflated claim.

#4: Ez-Pay

Please also apply for Ez-Pay by Ez-Link so that you do not have to insert cashcard into your IU when you go past ERP gantry. This is a very convenient feature to have for all biker as you no longer have to worry about losing your cardcash after remove them. It also saves you the worry of getting fined due to no cashcard in IU when passing thru ERP gantry.

#5: Handphone Mount

A handphone mount will be useful as it can help you serve as a navigation guide using google map. Another useful and popular app for navigation is Waze. Do consider getting a sturdy and reliable mount because the phone is likely to spoil if it drops from a moving motorcycle.

#6: Rewiring IU to ignition

Actually, this is not an item. However, it is useful as the IU is originally connected to the battery. Thus, it is being powered on 24/7. This will drain the battery if you do not ride your motorcycle frequently. If your IU powers up when you insert cashcard while there is no key inserted into your motorcycle, then IU is connected to battery.

Please do note that it is not illegal to change the power source of IU to ignition. During inspection, there will not be any check on your IU. However, please note that if your IU become faulty, you must change the power source back to battery before claiming warranty for IU. Else, the warranty for IU might get void for not being directly connected to battery

#7: Parking App

The parking app can be used for paying parking fee for those parking slot without any electronic gantry. Hence, you do not have to buy parking coupon anymore. The best feature is that you can pay based on the amount of time parked instead of having to use one whole parking coupon. app can be found in Google Play store and Apple App store.

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