How to use wireless adapter for Xboxone controller to connect to Computer wirelessly

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Xbox One Wireless Adapter for connecting up to 8 Xbox One controllers to your computer

XboxOne Controller can be used as computer controller. There are 3 ways where you can connect the XboxOne controller to your computer. The first way is to connect the controller using microUsb to USB cable directly to the computer. This is the most simplest way to connect the controller to your computer.

However, if you prefer not to use wire, as it can be cumbersome, you can connect the controller wirelessly. Newer model of the XboxOne controller come with bluetooth. Thus, if your computer is toothblue enabled, you can connect your XboxOne controller using bluetooth by adding the controller as a bluetooth device in your computer. If your computer does not have bluetooth function, you can simply get a bluetooth dongle/adapter. Hence, the second way is to connect the controller using bluetooth.

The last way is to get a wireless adapter/receiver for your XboxOne controller. But sometime, the wireless adapter cannot be recognised in the computer. Thus, you might have to download the driver from microsoft website.

  1. Go to
  2. Find and Download Microsoft – Other hardware – Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows (version
  3. Extract the content of the downloaded file using 7zip or winrar into a folder.
  4. Right click window icon at the bottom right corner and click device manager
  5. Under Network Adapter, you should be able to find the device (Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows)
  6. Right click and choose update driver
  7. Then choose browse my computer for driver software
  8. Select the folder that you have extracted the file so that you can install the driver

You can also watch the youtube video below if the word description is confusing to you.


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