Knowledge is power and Sharing is caring. This website is about empowering you by sharing the information so that you can make better informed decision. My focus is mainly on helping you become a better Motorcycle and Car Learner in Singapore. Please do read my blog where most of the information are being shared. If you find them useful, please help to share and click the advertisement so as to support the website.

I have also set up 3 telegram groups so that the most updated information can be shared among all members.

Car Learner – https://t.me/CDCCarLearner
Motorcycle Learner – https://t.me/CDCMotorcycleLearner
Motorcycle SG Rider – https://t.me/joinchat/SNAyTOU6red2ptTO

Lastly, i do sell equipment required during Motorcycle Lessons and software which will shorten total time taken to complete all lesson by 70% – 90%.  This will enable learner to obtain their license within 1 – 2 months even during COVID period. The listings are below.


If you have any question or thing that you do not understand, you can contact via telegram or email. For faster response, please contact me via telegram or whatsapp. The QR code is the link to contact me via telegram. Telegram is messaging app for smartphone similar to whatapp.

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