MotorBike Class 2b

After getting your 2B license and your first motorcycle, you should be looking to get accessories for your motorcycle. There are 3 accessories i considered to be must have for motorcyclist. They are rain coat, handphone holder and battery charger.   Rain coat is essential as all motorcyclist is exposed […]

Must Have Motorcycle Accessories

To apply for Class 2B PDL (Provisional Driving License) in CDC, you have to complete your circuit orientation (Or Circuit Training Under Practical Lesson) and pass BTT(Basic Theory Test). Next, you have to go to to apply online for your PDL. You can log in with your singpass or […]

Apply for Class 2B PDL

  Introduction to CDC Motorcycle Practical Lesson 8 There will be 2 segments for assessment in lesson 8. The first segment is circuit riding assessment and the second segment will be public road riding assessment. Thus,CDC Motorcycle Practical Lesson 8 is actually a combination of lesson 5 and lesson 7 […]

CDC Motorcycle Practical Lesson 8