CDC Practical Lesson 2 for Class 2B Motorbike 2

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In CDC Practical Lesson 2 for Class 2B Motorbike, you will be riding around in the circuit. To pass the lesson, you need to be able to handle the bike well, obey traffic rule and do your safety & blindspot check properly. This will be a long post regarding CDC Practical Lesson 2 for Class 2B Motorbike.

The 2 key concepts for safety and blindspot check in CDC Practical Lesson 2 for Class 2B Motorbike are below. You will also have to turn your head more than 90 degree while doing all the checks to pass the lesson.

When you are moving off from stationary position, you will need to check back right which is your safety check.

When you are turning or approaching a bend, you need to do blindspot check in the direction that you are turning. You can use the arrow on the ground as an indication on when to perform blindspot check. When you see an arrow on ground, it will indicate that you will need to perform some actions like checking blindspot, cancelling signal or signaling left or right.

Lane changing will require you to signal first, check mirror and then blindspot before proceeding with the lane changing

You will also be learning about bike formation. The key is to form up two rows when there is only one arrow head on the road. For multiple arrow heads, you will form up one single row.

To move off from the bike without much wobbling, you have to do throttle up before release the clutch. Sometime, the bike wobbles because the left leg is being lifted up too fast before the bike can gain enough speed.

Do remember to practice signal left and right because you may accidently press the horn as the position of the signal button is just above the horn button.

The common mistake in this lesson are forget to cancel signal, forget to signal, failure to check blindspot and failure to stop at stop line. You will start off the lesson doing left first. After a few round of left turn, you will be practicing on your right turn for a few rounds. Then, you will be asked to do both left and right turn part together. One of these round will be your evaluation round whereby you will be evaluated by the instructor. Pass this evaluation round and you will pass the lesson. The evaluation round is the only round that matters. The instructors may or may not inform you that you are on evaluation round. Below will be procedure for the left and right turn round.

You will start off at the bike nursery.

Signal left and before moving off, check back right and blindspot left.

Form up two rows (left, right, left right) at the T junction. You will be inching forward often at this point so remember to check back right if you are moving off from stationary position. This is important. If you are inching forward 10 times, you have to check back right 10 times.

There is a stop line at the T junction so you must stop before the stop line. Even if there is a small distance between your bike and the stop line, you also must stop at the stop line. Failure to do so will result in immediate failure. After stopping at the stop line, check back right and inch out slightly with your left foot on the stop line.

When traffic is clear, check back right blindspot left then proceed to turn left. Often there will be car turning left on your right side. If the car signals left, you need to wait for the car to turn slightly before moving off. This is because sometime the car signal left but may continue going straight as they forget to cancel signal.

While turning left, switch to second gear while canceling the left signal before reaching the arrow on the road. When your bike is in the middle of the arrow, blindspot left as there is a bend ahead. Remember, there is only one arrow head. If you stop here, the bike formation is 2 rows.

You will then see a zebra crossing ahead. Do slow down and prepare to stop if there is someone waiting to cross the road. Bike formation is also 2 rows here. After passing the zebra crossing, signal left. There is multiple arrow head before the left turn. So whenever, you see arrow on the ground, remember to blindspot left when your bike is in the middle of the arrow.

You now see the figure of 8 course in front. If there are bike queuing to enter the figure of 8 course, you will need to do a lane change to the right. Remember to signal right, check mirror and blindspot right before proceeding with the lane change. If there is no queue, you do not have to change to the right lane. After that, signal left, check left mirror then blindspot left before changing back to the left lane.

There will be a traffic light in front. If the light is green, you need to check blindspot left when you are at the multihead arrow before turning left. If the traffic light is red and you are the first rider, then you have to check back right and blindspot left before you proceed when the traffic light turns green. After that, you need to cancel signal and remain in the left lane for a while before signaling right to change to right lane. Do not change straight to the right lane when you are turning left.

Form up 2 rows again at the T junction. Remember stop line must stop. When the traffic is clear, proceed to turn right, change to gear 2 and then cancel right signal. Then signal left and proceed to change to left lane. Remember to cancel left signal after change to left lane. There is an arrow before the plank. Remember to check right blindspot when you are on the arrow as there is a right bend ahead.

After the bend, signal right to change lane to the right and when you are in the middle of the multihead arrow, check blindspot right first before turning right. This area is also a problematic area because sometime there is a long queue of car waiting to go into the directional change course. In this case, you will be unable to change lane to the right as the queue may extend all the way to the bend. You will have to stop on right side of the left lane and wait to see if the car is stopping to going to the directional change course or going straight. Normally, those learner car waiting for directional change course will be queueing behind the directional change course. If there is car that is in front of the directional change course, then that car should be heading straight or turning right. You have to give way to them.

After you complete the right turn, you will need to form up two rows if you are before the slope course. After the slope course, you should be forming single row. There is a traffic light in front whereby you have to make a right turn. Please do not beat the orange light. This is another problematic area.  For this right turn, only one rider can inch out when there is a need to give way to straight moving and left turning vehicles. The rest of the rider have to wait behind the line. If you are the second rider waiting for the first rider to move off, please do not anticipate the first rider movement. You should only move to fill the first rider position only when the first rider completely move out of the position. Because some time, the first rider may not turn even when the traffic is clear. If you think he/she may turn soon and you proceed to move out, then you will end up in the position between the first rider position and the stop line. This will result in immediate failure.

After the right turn, cancel right signal then proceed to signal left to change to left lane. Please do not change to left lane immediately when you are turning right as this will be deemed as changing to the wrong lane. This will be the complete round that you will be riding in the circuit for lesson two. The route is actually a big figure of 8 around the circuit.

In summary, in CDC Practical Lesson 2 for Class 2B Motorbike, you will need to exaggerate your safety and blindspot check by turning more than 90 degree and looking over your shoulder. Remember to signal and cancel signal. You also need to turn properly without any wide turning. Lane change have to done properly without any abrupt lane change. One of the most useful tip I can give is to use the arrow on the road as cue to remember to signal and check blindspot. Always remember to signal before you reach the arrow and then check blindspot when you are at the arrow. If you do that, you should be able to remember to check all your blindspot and signal in time.

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Pls do try to complete all your theory lessons and tests as soon as possible to prevent any bottlenecking. Both theory and practical lesson can be cleared at the same time. Some learners progress were impeded as they are unable to book their next practical lesson due to not clearing their theory lessons and tests fast enough. Do visit this post to learn more about other CDC practical lessons.

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