Enrollment of Class 2B at CDC (ComfortDelgro Driving Centre)

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Enrollment of Class 2B at CDC can be done by making your way to CDC to open an account with CDC. Please check out the opening hours of counter before you head there. While Enrollment of Motorbike School Class 2B at CDC can be done online, you still have to make your way down eventually as they need to verify your account in person before any lesson can be booked. If you apply online for the enrollment, you can skip the queue and go direct to counter 6 to queue for your eye test. Please remember to bring your Identity Card.

The enrollment fee is around $136.43. A deposit of $10 is also needed. Only NETS and cashcard are accepted for payment. The deposit and remaining fund will be refunded when you closed the account upon attaining your class 2b license. Topping up the account is free at the counter. However, if you decide to top up the account online, then there will be a small fee being charged. Thus, please top up your account with some money when you open the account so that you can immediately start to book lesson when they are available. I would suggest topping up around $200.

You will also be given two handbooks upon Enrollment of Motorbike School Class 2B at CDC. They are the Highway Code and Handbook for the Motorbike Rider. Some of the RTT questions do come from these two books.

Next, you will need to get helmet, glove and Elbow & Knee guards for your practical lesson. Rental for these equipments is $5 per lesson. Thus, it is more worthwhile to buy your own equipment instead of renting those equipment. Though these items are available at the counter, they can be found outside at cheaper price.

For those who are budget conscious, I do sell the glove and Elbow & Knee guards at a cheaper price than CDC at my store, my qoo10 store and Carousell. Please do take a look. Thanks

After registering, you will be given a learner ID and your password so that you can log in to your account to start booking your lessons and tests. Please do take note of the points below so that you can progress as fast as possible.

  1. Passing Basic Theory test (BTT) is required for applying Provisional Driving License (PDL) which is required for all lessons
  2. You need to attend all 3 defensive riding theory classes so that you can attend lesson 6 – 8
  3. All theory and defensive riding theory lessons must be completed before you can book internal evaluation for Riding Theory Test (RTT).
  4. After passing internal evaluation for Riding Theory Test (RTT), then you can book test date for RTT. Riding Theory Test (RTT) is required for booking of practical test date.


Pls do try to complete all your theory lessons and tests as soon as possible to prevent any bottlenecking. Both theory and practical lesson can be cleared at the same time. Some learners progress were impeded as they are unable to book their next practical lesson due to not clearing their theory lessons and tests fast enough. Do visit this post to learn more about other CDC practical lessons.

As i am no longer learning in CDC, i might not be able to give the most updated information. Thus, i am forming a telegram group so that i can create a learner community to engage all CDC motorcycle learner whereby you all can share your learning experience and learn from each other. Do join the Telegram group by clicking here. The link is https://t.me/CDCMotorcycleLearner

Telegram is chosen instead of whatapp because it allows user to create username and hide your handphone number. Do consider to install telegram from google app store.


If you have any question or thing that you do not understand, you can contact via telegram or email. For faster response, please contact me via telegram or whatsapp. The QR code is the link to contact me via telegram. Telegram is messaging app for smartphone similar to whatapp.

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If you like the content, Please share it with your Friends! Your Support Is greatly appreciated!

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