CDC Motorbike Practical Lesson 8

Introduction to CDC Motorbike Practical Lesson 8

There will be 2 segments for assessment in lesson 8. The first segment is circuit riding assessment and the second segment will be public road riding assessment. Thus,CDC Motorbike Practical Lesson 8 is actually a combination of lesson 5 and lesson 7 with the 1st segment being lesson 5 and 2nd segment being lesson 7. In my opinion, Lesson 8 is much easier to pass than lesson 5. This is because you have 18 points allowance for any mistake. Most of the demerit points are likely to be accumulated in the circuit.

If you want to have higher chance of passing lesson 8, please do book lesson 8 on the weekend or off peak hour where there will be lesser car on the public road. If your lesson 8 is on peak hour, then you might have a tough time on the public road segment as Ubi road is generally packed with lot of vehicles during peak hour. These vehicles are generally impatient and might cause you to get immediate failure or many demerit point.

Circuit Test

Lesson 8 is usually conducted together with lesson 5 and Lesson 8 will start first. Please do read lesson 5 for all the tips and guide for the first part of the test. After completing Emergency brake, please do not head back to the bike nursery as it is immediate failure. You have to wait at the large tree by the side until an instructor give you the permission to head out to the public road. This may take some time so you may put the bike to neutral gear if you want but do not dismount from the bike.

Public road

For this segment, you will be divided into a group of 2-3 riders with one instructor following behind for assessment in the public road. Please be very sure of what you need to do and not to follow the rider in front blindly. The route used will most likely be route 1. However, if there is a major jam on route 1, route 2 will be used. Please do read lesson 7 for a detailed guide on public road segment.


Lesson 8 only ends when you have parked your bike on main stand at the bike nursery. You will then head back to the waiting area while returning your number tag and removing your guards. There will be some waiting time as the instructor consolidate the results from various stations. You will be called by your number tag individually and be given the result slip. If you have failed, remember not to just leave. This is because you can ask the instructor on where did you committed the error so that you can avoid the same mistake next time. Do visit this post to learn more about other CDC practical lessons.


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