CDC Theory Lesson 1 – 4 & Defensive Riding Theory 1 – 3 2

All CDC theory lesson are “free” for the first time because the fee are included in the enrollment fee. A fee will be charged if you are attending the same lesson for subsequent time. Try to book CDC theory lesson 1 & 2 in one day and CDC theory lesson 3 & 4 in another day. The same applies for defensive riding theory lesson. However, you do not have to attend the lesson in sequential order. Please do not waste your cancellation count to cancel your theory lesson. It is not worthwhile doing so.

Remember to bring your booklet so that they can stamp on your booklet. There is no dress code for all theory lessons and there is no need to bring helmet, glove and Elbow & knee guards. You may want to bring the 2 handbooks given to you when you enrolled so that you can take down important note or highlight important point.

Nothing much to say about the lessons except that you cannot be late for more than 10 – 15 minutes. This is because the instructor may not want to mark your attendance. Moreover, the system may not allow the instructor to mark your attendance if you are too late for the lesson. Do visit this post to learn more about other CDC practical lessons.


If you have any question or thing that you do not understand, you can contact via telegram or email. For faster response, please contact me via telegram. The QR code is the link to contact me via telegram. Telegram is messaging app for smartphone similar to whatapp.

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