Test Date For Different Riding Centre in Singapore

Below are the test date for CDC and SSDC. Please do a comparison before deciding on where to learn riding. Date are updated daily.

Description CDC Test Date
SSDC Test Date
Basic Theory Test (BTT)   22 Jun 2018   21 May 2018
Riding Theory Test (RTT)   16 Jun 2018   02 May 2018
Class 2B Practical Test/ Retest   06 Jun 2018   24 May 2018 / 24 May 2018
Class 2A Practical Test/ Retest   08 Jun 2018   28 May 2018 / 28 May 2018
Class 2 Practical Test/Retest    04 Jun 2018   05 Jun 2018 / 05 Jun 2018

As for test date in BBDC, you can look it up below.

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<BTTS> = Basic Theory Test Date <BTTP> = Basic Theory Retest Date
<RTTS> = Riding Theory Test Date <RTTP> = Riding Theory Retest Date
<S2B1> = Class 2B Practical Test Date <S2B2> = Class 2B Practical Retest Date
<S2A1> = Class 2A Practical Test Date <S2A2> = Class 2A Practical Retest Date
<S21> = Class 2 Practical Test Date <S22> = Class 2 Practical Retest Date/td>

You can also check out the links below for test date in different schools.

Test Date in CDC

Test Date in SSDC

Test Date in BBDC



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