SALTS, XBMC/Kodi Add-ons for Watching English Show and Drama

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SALTS also known as Steam All The Sources is one of my frequently used Kodi add on for watching english Show and Drama.Thus, if you have Kodi in your Tv Box, i highly recommend that you install this add on. You have to download the repo here into your thumbdrive first.

To install the addon into your Android TV Box, you have to open up kodi >System > Settings as shown below
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Go to Add-ons option as shown in the red box

Select Install from zip file as shown in the red box.

If you are using thumbdrive, then you have to select sda1 to access the content inside. You can use Window network (SMB) to access drive in your local area network but that is for more advanced user. Screenshot_2016-05-20-17-16-36

After selecting sda1, you will be able to see the file that you have transferred in to the thumbdrive. Click on the file to start the installation of the repository as highlighted in red box.Screenshot_2016-05-29-00-05-37

Press back and then click Install from repository as shown below

Go to Video add-ons.

Select tknorris Beta Testing Repository

Select Steam All The Sources

Select install. As i have already installed SALTS, the button changed to uninstall.

To access SALTS, you have to go to Video>Add ons

Once inside, you should be able to see SALTS addon.Screenshot_2016-05-29-00-08-02

There is still a need to configure SALTS. You have to enter SALTS first. Then go to settings as highlighted in the red box.

Select auto-configure SALTS.

Simply press continue to start the auto configuration process. After that, the auto-configuration will be completed and you can start to enjoy the new add-on.



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If you like the content, Please share it with your Friends! Your Support Is greatly appreciated!

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