CDC Road Revision for Class 2b Motorbike School 11

When you are taking CDC Road Revision for Class 2b Motorbike School, you will most likely be riding the test routes twice. Depending on the instructor, you may ride test route 1 and then test route 2. In some lessons, you may be riding test route 1 twice as test route 1 is the most likely test route that you will be riding for your traffic police test. Test route 2 is a backup route in case test route 1 cannot be used due to jam or accidents.

Normally, the learners will be broken down into two groups. The instructor will follow you behind and observe you while you are riding. After finishing the test route, the instructor will debrief and tell the learners the mistake made. If there is remaining time, you will be allowed to do your circuit practice like what you did for circuit revision.

CDC Road Revision for Class 2b Motorbike School is more expensive than the normal lesson. Thus, to maximize the effectiveness of Road Revision, it is best if you can book it at 8.35am time slot so that you can familiarize yourself with the road condition during your Traffic Police test. The road condition in the morning can be quite heavy. Hence, it will be good if you can have a first-hand experience so that you have the best chance of passing the road component of the Traffic Police test.

It is also much harder to book road revision as compared to circuit revision. Thus, it is important that you book the lesson at least two weeks in advance. You can also book the lesson before attempting lesson 8. Last tip is to book more circuit revision and less road revision as it is much easier to accumulate demerit point in the circuit than on the road. Moreover, circuit revision is cheaper than road revision.

Lastly, please visit this post to learn more about other CDC practical lessons.


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11 thoughts on “CDC Road Revision for Class 2b Motorbike School

  • Ali Bin Ahmad

    Dear Arcane

    For road revisions and lessons, do CDC learners get to choose from a group of chosen bikes more suitable for the roads at higher speeds than circuit limit? This sounds noob but outside on the real roads, there are real dangers . So clutch and gear shift problems or engine stall problem should be prevented.

    • arcane Post author

      No. You will be the one to choose the bike available in the bike nursery. All bike should be able handle the road outside and you are unlikely to go very fast. The maximum speed is likely to be only 50km/h

  • Min Yee

    Hi Arcane

    Nice Blog info!
    My friend at other motorbike school in sg tell me their instructor issue a write-up on all the instructions to follow on the road test route. This made their learning super fast and easy. However, at CDC we are not given . Only their verbal instructions thrown at us at lightning speed was given to us on out first lesson and that confused all of us. I asked everyone there did they remember the 30min briefing instructions, the students all blur.

    All failed.

    I am surprised there is no write-up on the formation at each road section or junction and all the check back lefts etc.

    Coming back for more repeat lesson is ok but it’s delaying our progress without a write-up list of instructions to memorise.
    Furthermore, booking a lesson 6 takes at least one week to find a slot. It could take a month before I clear the prac 6.
    This is silly. CDC have not hired more instructors to cater to the highest motorbike student population it has by virtue of its location. I don’t think people praise them for their teaching nor the way their instructors explain to the students. Yes , a few are great but most I come across speak in ways that confuse me. Not clear English. Some instructor give different advice than others.

    Everyone knows other schools the time taken to pass is faster and the bikes better or newer but I only knew after I signed up and went through a lot of shit.

    • arcane Post author

      Actually there is a handout given by the instructor after you passed lesson 5. That handout will show you the test route inside the circuit and on the road. The handout will also show the formation at each road junctions. Please ask the instructor for the handout if you do not have one.

      • Min Yee

        Thanks Arcane, but I never received any information handout after prac 5. Instructor only told me to wear reflective clothes .

        Really thank you for your valuable response. Will ask them.

      • Susila

        Hi Arcane

        The handout is INSUFFICIENT to pass the test unless you are so lucky.

        My friend feel that he was marked and instructor in every repeat lesson put her in noob group such that she being repeater is put in the last or second last in the convoy. Being infront you can see the road signs early. But not at the back , so the ones in the back will realise the front is doing wrong only when it’s too late. If she kept being put into noob group, she will likely fail due to the noob mistakes eg. Forming in sibgle row instead of in two’s. Those put in the repeater group usually passed. It’s kinda unfair to her but she dare not complain as she already feel she has been targeted. Yes, she should not give excuse for following the wrong actions of the noobs but to be fair she is too far back to see the direction the instructor is going to know what to form up in and too far back to see the road signs infront. Also , learners are still not as experienced as the instructors who have possibly over decade of daily riding those routes. So, this is just to share with the world what is wrong with the school.

        The repeat lessons are very expensive. About $40 per lesson with only 1 ride round the route.
        The school must be earning tons of money.

        • arcane Post author

          Which lesson are you referring to? If it is lesson 6, then try to book lesson on saturday or sunday as it is much easier to pass. There is much lesser traffic during the weekend and the road condition is brighter as compared to lesson 6 hled during weekday

          • Susila

            Hi Arcane
            Weekend sessions are usually all booked in advance unless I wait for three weeks to a month for vacancies.
            First timers usually ALL FAIL because of two reasons : 1: Unfamiliarity with the route being first timer. Instructor also won’t tell you the route.
            2 : Too much instructions given out at one go within the 30min briefing.
            3: It’s scary to most first timers going on the roads with real traffic that is very fast moving.

            This is why the first prac 6 almost guarantees the school gets all if not most of them to PAY AND PAY for repeats. I suppose the instructors also earn more doing road practice .

          • arcane Post author

            IF you camp at the website, then you might be able to get an earlier time slot.

    • Raime

      Yes, prac 6 has no routes given. It’s random routes. The test route is given but that is just one of the possible prac 6 routes. All the info the instructor briefed us at the shed is not given a copy to students.
      The instructor has many slides in hard copy but they dun give us a copy. So, you keep coming back in order to absorb all.

      Prac 7 should be easier than prac 6 since it’s shorter. If you passed prac 6 why can one still fail prac 7 ?
      But people still fail prac 7. Why? It tells us that there are countless situations possible and if unlucky you encounter a new scenario , you may fail.

      If those who passed and ride on the roads still do check back right when moving off and blindspot checks when turning, we would have seen this in real life. But you hardly see this. It would be like a circus if in real life, bikers check back right everytime they inch forward eg. At Causeway.

      When strict rules in the school has its merits and importance, and most people would say being strict is good for all road user safety, the reality is these people won’t do the checks in real life. And they won’t be penalised. We are learning what is practically impractical. If people really believe that being strict is good, they would have done check back right everytime they inch forward at the causeway, for example. And many still ride safely till their ripe old age.

      But in school, any non compliance can potentially lead to failure. It’s good way to INDOCTRINATE the people but it’s not practised in real life. Some are not suitable to go through singapore driving school system and they retake the TP test five or more times. Their confidence and self esteem totally shattered.

  • John

    I like to share my views on Prac 6.
    The actual test route is short compared to prac 6 routes. Yet, the instructors are very extremely strict in prac 6 . They should be stricter for prac 7 than 6 where most of the routes are not tested.

    Secondly, Formation is a dynamic situation and some lucky cleared prac 6 without encountering difficult scenarios. They may encounter it during test and fail if too confident. Once formed up, one of the two front riders may take longer to move off. If one of the right hand side front riders moved off leaving a gap, and the front left rider still there unready to move off, and I am behind the left front rider and I am the last rider and no rider to my right, must I shift to the right and fill up the gap? This is very difficult as there is little space insufficient to position straight and will get penalized.

    Thirdly, what is the practical use of learning to form up when in real life , it’s own time own target and riders can even move off together which is immediate failure in riding school? Why are we learning things that many who passed dun follow in real life and they live to ripe old age safely?