CDC Motorbike Class 2B Riding Theory Test (RTT)

This post is about taking your CDC Motorbike Class 2B Riding Theory Test (RTT). You can only book test date for RTT only after passing internal evaluation. To book Traffic Police test for class 2b, you need to pass RTT. Remember to bring your IC or driving license when going for the RTT. You can also book 2 Etrial test in the same day just before your RTT so that you can prepare for the test. Try not to fail as the waiting time is around 1 month. You can view the approximate test date at CDC website.

There is 50 questions in the computerised test and you need to attain a minimum score of 45/50 in order to pass the test. The time given to complete the test is 50 minutes but usually it can be completed in 30 minutes. Thus, there is more than sufficient test for you to do and check your answers. Upon completion of the test, your result will be on the screen so that you will know your result on the spot. If you fail your CDC Motorbike Class 2B Riding Theory Test (RTT), please try again and remember to book the free Etrial test as most of the questions in RTT will be similar in the question bank of the Etrial test. Do visit this post to learn more about other CDC practical lessons.


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