How to Set Up Kodi XBMC

This post will be on how to set up Kodi XBMC (Xbox Media Center) after you have gotten your Android Tv Box.

1. To set up Kodi XBMC, open up Kodi and try to find System option which will be on the right side. After navigating to System, Click on the Settings option in the red box below.Set Up Kodi XBMC 1

2. Click Appearance as highlighted by the red box.
Set Up Kodi XBMC 2

3. Change the Setting level to expert (bottom left corner) by clicking on the setting level. Then change the font to Arial based. Changing the font to Arial will enable you to see Chinese character in Kodi. Next, click Settings.Set Up Kodi XBMC 3

4. Got to Home Window option to hide main menu button. This is for convenience sake. (optional) You can choose to hide the option in the red box.Set Up Kodi XBMC 4


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